Sweet Treats


                                          Welcome To Your New Guilty Pleasure



            Welcome to the Sweet Treats headquarters on-line where you can find our Treat Of The Month, menu if you've never looked at our selection (is found under Gallery section in the top header), as well as recipes and food recommendations on our blog - which you can find right here. 

            We believe in customer appreciation which means we have a card for you to fill up with stamps to get you some free treats. With every dozen purchased you will receive a stamp, collect 5 and get yourself a free dozen of your choice redeemable at any time. Not only can you get free treats when you buy Sweet Treats, but .50 cents from every dozen bought will be donated in one lump sum every month to a non profit organization starting with the Canadian Mental Health Association for the month of October. 

           Our treat of the month this month will be starting a little late, but pictures will be posted in the near future. If you'd like to make an order, pass a recipe along to get posted, or just to say hello, go the contact page and get a hold of us! Your taste buds will not regret it. 




        Candy Peanut Butter


          Reverse Chocolate